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Want to know more about me?

I was born and raised in North Eastern Ontario, otherwise known as Anishinaabe territory. I am an only child from a lineage of strong and resilient women. I was quite shy as a child and the arts was a saving grace for me, helping me learn to express myself and be joyful and dream.

When I was 17/18 I participated in Canada World Youth which took me to the West Coast of Canada as well as Eastern Namibia. I learned a lot about cross cultural communication, team work, leadership and sustainable community development. My eyes were OPENED.

I moved to Vancouver when I was 18 to study acting, completing the Acting for Stage and Screen Program and continuing to pursue theatre and eventually film. I have also continued to learn more about climate change and sustainability leadership, among other things, which are reflected in my business Break New Ground.

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My Past Successes

One of my proudest accomplishments was my journey with NOW!

In University I co-created the Act NOW! Playwriting Competition through the NOW! Organization. It was a platform for youth to write about environmental issues and we had support from some amazing people and organizations including the David Suzuki Foundation. When I graduated, I took over NOW! and transformed it into a theatre company to further explore environmental sustainability both on and off stage. We continued to run Act NOW! and got involved with different festivals, as well as producing a few plays. One of which is my other great accomplishment during this time: Patch

I wrote, directed and produced this one act play to explore ocean health and plastic waste. It was workshopped through 2013 and went up in 2014 at The Waterfront Theatre Summer Series, as well as the Victoria Fringe Festival. It was also produced in 2015 at the BC Buds Festival with a different cast and director. You can find the script for sale online through the Playwrights Guild of Canada.

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