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and  Community

Communication, creation, 

These three things are so important to me.
And have led me to this place

I grew an incredible amount when I learned what real communication was. To be truly open and honest, and listen deeply. No one on this planet is a mind reader! (yet)
Creation has always been a part of my life, but it used to be all my own projects. I am now here to help and support others in their own creation journeys. 

There are different types of community and whether it's in your personal life or your work, no one can do it all alone. (Though I definitely tried in my early 20's!)

In these three areas I have broke new ground in my life. And it's these three things that bring me to this work: Wellness Life Coaching, Group Facilitation and Team Building.

I have experienced the difference that having a strong and united team can make. I have witnessed how pivotal and powerful it is to hold space for everyone in the room to share ideas, feelings and opinions to work   towards solutions.  I have been thankful for guidance in my own journey and growth.

I am here to do this work with you.

Let's Break New Ground together!
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