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Northern Ontario Cancer Retreat

After my own cancer journey, I realized how lucky I was to live in Vancouver which offers so many resources, groups and events. My Grandma was diagnosed shortly after I finished and when I researched what there was for her in Northern Ontario I was shocked to see extremely limited resources outside of the Greater Toronto Area.  So I decided to start this organization to offer retreats and events for patients, survivors and their loved ones in Northern Ontario.
We hosted an inaugural day retreat in 2017 which went very well! In 2018 and 2019 we hosted two smaller events (a support circle and a spa day). Please check out our social media for our Pandemic Winter Survivor Series highlighting inspiring Northern Ontario Cancer Survivors!
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What a wonderful way to meet others and share experiences.  I felt no pressure to tell my story if I didn't feel like it.  It is nice to socialize and know that the people you are talking to relate, even if it isn't spoken.  The space created by the organizers helped me feel less alone.  I saw two survivors meet and develop a beautiful friendship.

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