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I can help you tap into your natural resources and break new ground
When I was in my early 20's I was a passionate and 'busy' creative type lacking clarity, vision and focus. When I was 25, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma. This diagnosis was a wake up call to find balance in my life and start practicing better self care; a time to disassociate with the word 'busy'. After finishing chemo, I worked with a Life Coach which helped me through a very tough time when I was feeling lost. Coaching helped me find more confidence, create a vision and began establishing some balance in my life. Some things were immediate, others took time.  It took me a few years to follow through and forge a clear path forward - I had to work up the courage to make changes and leave a comfortable job I loved, I had to develop a better relationship with myself and focus on the WHY to everything and everyone I let into my life. I believe that change is always possible and powerful! And there's nothing wrong with asking for help.

As your coach, I am not an expert on your life.  You have everything you need within you, so I am here to hold space, listen and ask you the right questions that you need to consider, contemplate, or answer. 

Create Clarity

Strengthen confidence

find Balance



Creative Coaching Package
For those passionate creatives that are feeling stuck, directionless or in need of some balance because they put a bit too much on their plate!  Sometimes it's our career, sometimes it's a bit more personal. I'm here for it all!

$60/session  - I recommend at least 6 sessions to really notice results  
I am open to bartering if you have something to offer me in exchange.

I am certified at an Associate level which is why I've decided to keep my rate low. When I gain more training and experience, I will raise my rates.

*Please note if it is your first intro session when booking and I will send you an intake form!

Sara, Musician and Actor

In a time where I was lacking direction and focus, working with Alyssa helped me to clarify my priorities and goals, leaving me with a renewed outlook and sense of pride. Alyssa guided me through different activities and asked inquisitive questions which allowed me to discover new things about myself and shifted my perspectives on my habitual patterns and life goals. I always felt excited and invigorated at the end of each session with Alyssa, ready to tackle the tasks and changes I had set out for myself for the week to come. If you are someone who enjoys looking at your life in a new way, increasing productivity with external accountability, and/or needs help focusing in on their goals, I highly recommend Life- Coaching with Alyssa!  

Techinal Product Lead, Neurotrack

Working with Alyssa was great! It felt like a collaborative process, where instead of giving answers, she asked the right questions which led me to significant realizations. The changes I made seemed simple, but those changes continue to keep me connected to what's important.

Veronica, Actor and Photographer

Working with Alyssa was so wonderful! She made the whole experience so easy and comforting. It can be nerve-racking to ask for help and support, but Alyssa made me feel so comfortable and listened to. Her passion for helping others truly shines through in her life coaching, and she made me feel valued, and not alone. Wanting to make new steps in your life, and putting yourself first can be really daunting. Alyssa puts all your insecurities at ease, lets you know that you are not alone on this journey, and will patiently guide you to where you want to be! You’ll be so glad you booked with her!

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