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Creative Type.

Idea Machine.

writer, actor, freelance producer, creator, sustainability leader,  event planner, director, physical theatre performer, life coaching, facilitation,  team building

I have ADHD, can you tell? 

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Loud Laugher.  Fast Eater.

If you find yourself here, you will learn a little about me and some of the things I do. I look forward to connecting!

I Enjoy . . .

singing, cooking vegan food, DIY, games, going on adventures, handwriting letters, whiskey and cocktails, clowning, potlucks, dancing, living low waste, kickboxing and some water based sports

I Value . . .

being intentional, expression (personal, artistic, sexual), community, family, self (care, knowledge, awareness), listening and cultivating deep relationships

You want to know MORE about me?!

I was born and raised in Temiskaming Shores, Ontario (Anishinaabe territory).

I am an only child from a lineage of strong and resilient women. I was quite shy as a child and the arts was a saving grace for me, helping me learn to express myself and be joyful and dream.

When I was 17 I participated in Canada World Youth which took me to the West Coast of Canada as well as Eastern Namibia. I learned a lot about cross cultural communication, team work, leadership and sustainable community development. My eyes were OPENED.

I moved to Vancouver when I was 18 to study acting, continued to pursue theatre, run a theatre company and explore event planning, facilitation and learn abut climate change and sustainability leadership. When I was 25, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma. It took me a few years before I transitioned into film as my main creative outlet. 

But, I'm also an entrepreneur and you can read more about my journey that led me to start Break New Ground on that page!

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