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Practice collaboration and play

Team building is so important if you have a lot of people coming together for a common purpose. Whether it's a company with multiple departments, a small business team or a temporary project, you'll have better results if everyone can communicate well, work cohesively and have fun!


I am excited to offer tabletop games to make your team building immersive, inquiry based and story driven. These games will surely make your conference, convention, or even birthday party the talk of the town! All games are portable and can be hosted at any location of your choice.

If you're familiar with SmartyPantz Escape Rooms, you may be familiar with this game (and me!) I'm excited to be offering this game independently now.

Fashion Archaeologist Indiana Jeans has been pronounced dead. With his death, the burden of distributing Indiana’s vast fortune falls to Denim Jeans (the lawyer of the family)! Denim and their legal assistant(s) will lead you, the many potential heirs of the Jeans estate, through a series of puzzles in order to determine which team is the rightful heir to the beloved Indiana. It’s a race against the clock as all teams participate at the same time. For the most fun we recommend teams of 4 to 8 players per table, with a maximum of 10 participants per safe. The more the merrier definitely works with this scenario – more tables = more competition! Which team will win the ultimate prize? It’s time for everyone to band together and see if they have what it takes to be pronounced the victors! The adventure is extremely engaging for each table, as each team competes for the contents of the prize safe(s). By having a shared prize up for grabs, it keeps competition fierce.

My team and I will bring everything that’s needed to your desired location, set it all up, and host. Events run approximately an hour and a half, which include set up, introduction, game play (45 minutes) and clean up.


Fun, interactive, and thought provoking, these experiences get you up on your feet! For groups as small as five people and as big as 50, they are adaptable to virtual events but are most ideally done in person!
An inclusive experience of generosity, skill sharing and building community.


The Basics

The goal is to fulfill people's wishes! Participants register with three wishes they would like to be fulfilled. Each person is then assigned another 'player' and the goal is to fulfill one of THEIR wishes.


In 2007, I was part of a group from across Canada and Namibia taking part in Canada World Youth. We created Free Trade as part of the BIG Game Competition and won first place.



You will make new friends/connections or strengthen pre-existing ones. You may feel invigorated for being able to help someone and realize your potential and skill set, making you feel more confident in yourself and your team. Everyone will have a wish fulfilled at the end.


Work related or not, get to know your colleagues and help each other out! Bring your computers, tablets or phones with you, just incase!



Standard charge is $25/person + GST with a minimum charge of $1,200.
This rate includes staff on site, game prep time, local transportation to and from and post game clean up. If you want to run a game for a small group, I am happy to negotiate the cost.
A deposit of 50% is required. The remaining can be paid on the day. Please contact me to discuss date & time availability, details, number of players etc.
Standard charge is $20/person + GST 
This rate includes preparation and planning as each location and group size can affect logistics.

A deposit of 50% is required. The remaining can be paid on the day. We then require the balance, on or before the day of the event. Please contact me to discuss date & time availability, details, number of players etc.
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"Alyssa was wonderful to work with. We needed a team building activity due to a last-minute change in our schedule and Alyssa was available to help us without any hesitation. She answered late emails, was very responsive, and customized the team activity as much as possible to align with our company values. She and the puzzle boxes made our employee conference unique, fun, and collaborative. Employees had a great time solving riddles and puzzles together. We can’t thank Alyssa enough for guiding us through this engaging team building activity."

— Doctors of BC

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"I liked that Free Trade allowed me a chance to connect with people I otherwise may not have had opportunity to. I liked that it gave us a different glimpse and way of getting to know people. This was a really fun and engaging way to spend a morning."

— SFU Community Capacity Building student


Professor Wretch

A new tabletop game where you must save the city from a bomb that Professor Wretch has planted

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